Wednesday, January 8, 2014

File comparison tool for SharePoint.

I was been working on comparing the configuration files in SharePoint today to check some mismatch on files content from two different farm.

The tool I had used is may be known to most of you, however, it came to me as a surprise that such tools exist in the Windows.

This tool is called Windiff.exe:

WinDiff is a graphical file-comparison program published by Microsoft (from 1992[1]), and is distributed with Microsoft Windows, support tools, certain versions of Microsoft Visual Studio and as source-code with the Platform SDK code samples.

WinDiff came with the Windows XP as a file comparison tool with the XP SDK and later was added to SP2 of XP.

However, it was sad news when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 enterprise version, Windiff has been removed from the windows 8 SDK. However, you have other methods of comparing files  

While searching for the alternative of the Windiff for I came across some free tools such as WinMerge: but loving part is the new file comparison command given in the windows: FC (file compare) is built in to the OS. Just open a command prompt and type FC /? to get the help screen.

I get a very good help from the Windiff and my purpose was solved, but will be using the FC (file compare in future).

Share your thoughts. J

Applies to: Windows XP and Windows 8.1 enterprises.

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