Thursday, July 24, 2014

Host Named Site collections: SharePoint 2013

I was working on one of the requirement we have taken to set-up SharePoint 2013 from their existing SharePoint 2010 environment.

While working with client he was saying that they need to bind the all the site collections in there and environment to a single web app in SharePoint 2013 set-up and was mentioning about the Host Names site collections.

I have never heard of this term before.

This is a not a new addition to the SharePoint 2013 family but I was surprised to know that it was there in SharePoint 2010 and I didn't not about it. It is preferable method to use in the host the site collection with different URLs on o Web application. 

MS claims that this is the most preferable way to host your site as Office 365 used this method to support multiple clients.  

I read about this in detail on TechNet Site.

There are different opinions of the different experts with this approach such as some organisation doesn't want to use it because security reasons and some prefer it based on the small scale of your environment.

However, my buy on this is basically a mix of both and I would suggest leave it on customer discretion to how they wanted to have their environment set-up.

Please Share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section to this article.

Applies to: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013.

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