Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[New eBook]: The wikiNinjas Guide to SharePoint – Part II

I feel immense proud to see my name listed in the contributors list of the MS Wiki Ninjas Guide to SharePoint –Part II, which is put together by my friend Mr. Gokan Ozcifci.

Please join me to congratulate the authors:
·         Joe Davis
·         Matthew Yarlett
·         Thuan Soldier
·         Craig Lussier
·         Benoit Jester
·         Margriet Bruggeman
·         Inderjeet Singh Jaggi
·         RaghuAriga
·         Brent Groom
·         Dan Christian
·         Aulakh Amardeep
·         Rashu Rahul
·         Melick
·         Jason Barkes
·         Steven Andrews
·         Jesper Arnecke
·         Nikolas Charlebois-Laprade

You can also refer to the previously released books on wikiNinjas here by Gokan Ozcifci:

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