Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sharepoint Administrator account Lost its control (Permissions) over a SiteCollection

Issue Description: User not able to perform the administrative task in a site collection(He is having full control over the site).Even Primary site collection administrator lost control over the site.

àWhen clicking on "Site Action", he is not able to see the full range of option like "create new site, Document library ..etc). He is able to see only few options as shown above.
à Administrator not able see option to add users under site permission.

àNobody could add new documents or edit documents, nearly every single Document or Library option is greyed out.
Method 1:
1.     Central Administration -> Site Collection Quotas and Locks.
2.     Select your site collection
3.     Change the Site Lock Information radio button from “Read-only” to “Not locked
4.     OK 

Method 2: Use Stsadm command
stsadm -o setsitelock -url http://sitecollection -lock none
Root Cause: Usually While taking a sharepoint back up, site collection goes to read-only mode. Once it is completed it will returned to “Not Locked” mode.
Reason for this issue might be while taking back up got interrupted in middle and it left the site collection to read mode.

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